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AutoExpert Motoring Minutes by John Cadogan

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John Cadogan is an independent Australian automotive industry expert


With a degree in engineering, experience working inside car companies as a contractor, and 20+ years experience as a freelance automotive journalist in TV, radio and print, John Cadogan is uniquely placed to offer expert commentary on automotive consumer issues and the automotive industry.

John Cadogan worked as the resident 'go-to' motoring expert on top-rating Australian current affairs shows A Current Affair (Ch 9) and Today Tonight (Ch 7) for more than 10 years.

Cadogan is currently Channel 7 Sunrise's motoring expert, and makes frequent appearances on The Daily Edition and The morning Show, (also Ch 7). He was previously associated in a similar way with Channel Nine's breakfast TV program, Today. On Sunrise, Cadogan specialises in live crosses - a challenging type of reporting owing to its complexity, inherent distractions and remoteness from the interviewer(s).

John Cadogan is a skilled broadcast journalist, able to script, present, shoot and edit video packages for news and current affairs - operating as a crew of one if necessary.

In Radio, John Cadogan is Sydney Radio 2UE's motoring editor, tasked with producing and delivering 90 minutes of specialist motoring consumer talkback each week, on Friday nights with Clive Robertson, and Sunday afternoons with Tim Webster.

John Cadogan also hosts the nationally networked Weekend Overnights program from the Sydney 2UE studio, from midnight to 6am Friday night/Saturday morning and Saturday night/Sunday morning. This general talkback programme covers all news and current affairs topics and features a high degree of listener engagement via the open line, SMS and e-mail. John Cadogan also panels the show - playing the intros and stings, IDPs, going into and out of delay, and activating the news feed on the hour. He also manages dumping callers who breach applicable broadcasting standards and defamation legislation.

In print, John Cadogan has written for Wheels & Motor magazines, the Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph newspapers, as well as The Bulletin, Australian Penthouse (just the articles...) plus Land Rover's Experience magazine and The Audi Magazine.

Online, John Cadogan has been editor in chief of, Australia's number one ABA-audited automotive editorial website.

As a professional photographer, John Cadogan worked for Land Rover, Jaguar, Subaru, Hyundai, and other major corporations, mainly shooting press kits and other below-the-line collateral, before moving on to cinematography for news and current affairs.

Cadogan also works from time to time as a corporate consultant, with expertise in media training (how to survive the interview - especially if 'bounced' by a news crew) plus drive event management, logistics and risk management, and independent vehicle assessment. He produces professional video for corporate clients, as well as editorial automotive reviews and engages in consumer advocacy via this website.

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  • Wholly self-contained 60-second consumer-friendly audio packages


  • Upbeat, confident, conversational and empowering

  • Credible, independent consumer advice designed to engage key listeners in the auto segment

  • Associate your brand with these uniquely independent consumer messages

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  • Extremely high relevance to ordinary automotive consumers - motoring's true big spenders

  • Multi-platform delivery: Studio-quality production values - ideal for broadcast, online, and in-store applications

  • 'Book-end' these independent segments with your own marketing messages for maximum listener engagement

  • Always fresh: Continuous output of new content - 20 new segments added every month

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John Cadogan’s AutoExpert Motoring Minutes are designed to engage a broad spectrum of listeners. There are 12 million cars on Australian roads, one million new vehicles sold every year, and more than 500,000 used cars on sale at any point in time. There are more than 50 million tyres on the road today, and almost 25 million automotive services carried out every year. In other words, just about every ordinary Australian depends on one or more cars, and tens of thousands of businesses engage the automotive sector directly.

AutoExpert Motoring Minutes target ordinary Aussie motorists - not the small niche of car enthusiasts. Everyone who owns a car spends money on it - purchasing fuel, repairs, insurance, fees, tolls, fines, finance, etc. If you own a car, you’ve got your hand in your pocket - and these vignettes provide valuable information designed to help automotive consumers make smarter choices, save money and advocate effectively in their own self interest.

AutoExpert Motoring Minutes are sponsor-oriented. Tens of thousands of wide-ranging products and services are sold to automotive consumers every year. Things like finance and insurance, tyres, brakes, wheel alignments, servicing, accessories, tinting etc., as well as vehicles themselves. AutoExpert Motoring Minutes engage motorists by explaining how to derive a direct benefit by taking action and making smarter choices - for example, how to save money on fuel by driving differently, or how to protect children from driveway trauma by fitting a wireless reversing camera upgrade, or how to boost tax effectiveness and cost effectiveness by choosing the right form of car ownership. They are an ideal device for delivering an engaged audience to relevant commercial sponsors.