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Friday … a very tough day … second only to Monday. The weekend is so close - but yet so far. Over the next few minutes, relax, unwind, and let Friday's problems slip away. Up next, the bozos, bigots and/or bastards - comprising my top 10 YouTube nuts followed by the coveted Cock of the Week award (left).

So: Coming up: the top 10 nuts and my cock (left). It seems somewhat disproportionate … but also oddly stimulating.

The YouTube comments feed is the wild, wild west of retard feedback. (There are some very nice, educated, polite, considered commenters, too.) But the comments feed is certainly a place where trolls coalesce. Some creators get quite upset by this, but I kinda like it. It’s what talk radio would be if it weren’t filtered unendingly for toxicity. Me? I actually love these troll arseholes, sitting there in their underwear, alone, holding their dicks, and making their unique contributions public.

In the immortal words of legend US TV producer Dick Wolf, these are their stories:

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